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Where did grandfathers go?

Where did grandfathers go

A grandfather is not just a grandmother’s husband.
This is a kind man with intelligent eyes, a gray beard and hard-working hands.

In that tender time of life, when you get to know the world, grandfather should put you on his knees and tell you about distant stars and great heroes.
Such grandfathers disappeared somewhere.
And the grandmothers stayed.
They even felt like the mistresses of the situation.
Nobody can yell at them.
Nobody can put them in their place.
Grandmothers button up your clothes and feed you porridge

And how can something sensible grow out of a person if in childhood he does not hear about stars and great people?

  • Grandpa smells like sunshine.
  • He calls your grandmother “mother” and your mother “daughter.”
  • But he has a real friendship with his grandson.
  • They are privy to the same secret.

The world is equally fresh and mysterious for them.
Therefore, at dinner, they slyly wink at each other and laugh with their eyes.
Now they will get up and walk together. Maybe fishing, or maybe fixing a bike.

The grandson is interested in life, but the grandfather is not afraid to die

Nobody killed grandfathers, but they disappeared somewhere. They left their grandmothers and went to others. They stupidly wasted their lives and did not live to see their grandchildren. They did not start a family and remained childless.

In short, everything was shattered and shifted from its foundation. Therefore, there are so many capricious and nervous children in the world. And there are many useless aging men who drink out of anguish and do not call anyone the word “grandson”.

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