Resume Neuroartist, Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator

Who is a specialist neuroillustrator suitable for?

For bloggers/vloggers, for experts promoting their personal brand on social networks, for goods on marketplaces and online stores, for advertising agencies… all those who need a large volume of varied, eye-catching images (sometimes even without super expectations -high level of artistic value).

At the same time, the rendering of images can always remain in photorealistic quality. Or in a certain stylization.

My candidacy

I offer myself for this position and exchange my time for your money.


Position Neuroartist, Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator, Prompt engineer – payment $20 USD/hour at the rate in any currency. Fixed-term or long-term contract.

Igor Davydov - About me

Professional education

  • University: SPGHPA im. A. L. Stieglitz (formerly Mukhinskoye), St. Petersburg, 2002-2008, Faculty of Design, Department of Industrial Design;
  • Art College: Abramtsevo Art and Industrial College named after. V. M. Vasnetsov, Khotkovo, Moscow region, 1987–1991, master artist, artistic woodcarving;
  • Art School: No. 1 in Sochi, 1983–1987, artist

Courses, self-education, bibliography

  • University of New Mexico 2016, Faculty of University College, form of education: distance learning, International Business course;
  • Leningrad Institute of Management Methods and Techniques, St. Petersburg, 2001, Faculty of Design;
  • English language courses, Moscow, Minsk;
  • On-line course of Dmitry Novoselov “Impact site promotion”;
  • On-line course Eugeny Khodchenkov “Business Class”;
  • Alexander Redkin’s course on financial literacy;
  • Business Model: Henry Ford “My Life, My Achievements”;
  • Model of Personal Effectiveness: Robin Sharma “The 5 A.M. Club”;
  • Now I study spiritual children’s education according to the Baha’i course, as well as pre-school education according to the Book of S. Alvarez and others.

Mini CV

Artist since 4 years old. Professional artist-master since 1992 (after graduating from the Abramtsevo College). Professional designer since 2008 (after graduating from the Mukhina Academy). Since 2001, work for himself (Design-Depo-Davydova), as well as contract and contractor work.

Work experience in the Russian Federation, Belarus, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, for the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation (NPO “Aurora”), federal network companies (“Hoff”), small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs and individuals as an artist, designer, restorer. Agent at RE/MAX Corporation

Project management experience: from 6 years old (1970s, making wooden toys for joint games with yard children), miniature painting workshop with more than 50 artists (1990s-2000s sales in the USA and European countries), joint projects in the field of industrial design, architecture, construction, etc. (2000s to the present). This is only 1/1000 of all projects, customer rating.

Current activities – painting, graphics, sculpture, fashion and accessories, construction and architecture, interior design and decoration, restoration, website design, start-up and turnkey business, co-owner of a family business in the field of health and sports. Real estate agent in the luxury and high-end luxury segment abroad.

Current activity: own NFT Collection


Why you can and should cooperate with me without a shadow of a doubt?

  • I profess Christianity, Orthodoxy;
  • I am close to the Japanese philosophy 改善 kaizen (“continuous improvement”);
  • I do not drink alcohol and nicotine since 2018, I do not eat meat since 2020;
  • I help my wife in managing a health studio (fitness, yoga and dance studio)


  • e-mail:
  • +7 911 911 8888 (Viber/Whatsup/Telegram);
  • +375 29 973 9369 (Viber/Whatsup/Telegram).