Art show management, artist rider

Organization of the exhibition

An exhibition of works by artist Igor Davydov can be organized in the following ways:

Option 1. Exhibition of full-scale reproductions of paintings

After determining the theme of the exhibition and selecting works, the organizers are sent files of paintings in EPS and JPG formats, indicating the size and material on which the reproductions should be printed.

In this case, the organizer receives a full-fledged exhibition and does not bear the costs of delivery and insurance of paintings, travel expenses and accommodation for the artist and his team.

The amount of the artist’s honorarium for the exhibition is negotiated separately.

Option 2. Exhibition of original paintings

The organizer pays for the delivery and insurance of the paintings (both ways), pays for travel expenses and accommodation during the exhibition of the artist and his team (4 persons).
The amount of the artist’s honorarium for the exhibition is negotiated separately.

Option 3. Conceptual exhibition

This exhibition option can be implemented in any space, depending on the context of the exhibition. All options can be configured as a designer for a specific location.

The expenses of the organizers include the same expenses as in option 1 – remote supervision, or as in option 2 – personal supervision.
In addition, depending on the specific concept, additional costs may be required for materials to create an exhibition space.
All these expenses, as well as the artist’s fee, are clarified after determining the concept, style and size of the exhibition.

Additional services

  • Restore works of any visual art from your collections;
  • Ambassador of your collections.

Collections available for exhibitions

“Good WarShip – NFT ART Collection”

Arctic - exhibition of paintings about the Far North by Igor Davydov (IGDRUS) / Арктика - выставка картин о крайнем Севере художника Игоря Давыдова (IGDRUS)

Arctic XXII – exhibition of paintings about the Far North

This collections contains safe content for families and children.

Artist rider


1. Flight Airlines: Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad airways, Aeroflot, S7 airways, Lufthansa, Swiss airlines or similar. Aircraft: Airbus, Boeing, SSJ100. When traveling by rail – in a separate compartment. 3 round trip tickets (2 adults and 1 child).

2. Accommodation: 3* hotel. For India and countries of Southeast Asia – at least 4* Accommodation for 3 people in 1 room: 2 adults + child. Breakfast must be included in the price. The room should have the following amenities: shower, refrigerator, safe, hairdryer, electric kettle, bottled water, hygiene products, free wi-fi, room cleaning upon request.

3. Nutrition: continental not spicy, European food. Constant access to drinking bottled water.

4. Meeting: mandatory meeting at the airport. If a personal meeting is not possible, the organizer bears all possible additional costs associated with being in an unfamiliar country: additional costs for a taxi, accommodation in any hotel if a booked hotel is not found, etc.

5. Internal logistics: delivery to the exhibition venue, or reimbursement of travel expenses from the hotel to the exhibition venue, if the area chosen by the organizer is not suitable for safe and pleasant walking or the hotel is located more than 1000 meters from the exhibition venue.

6. Communication: providing mobile Internet. The organizer needs to purchase 2 local SIM cards with connected mobile Internet.

7. Visas: the organizer needs to arrange for 2 business visas (for the artist and his wife as an assistant).


A simple and understandable pricing scheme for my paintings is indicated on the page


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