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NFT Art 1460/3333 Edition, Mission 16-9-2123

from collection https://rarible.com/goodwarship


Collapse of two points from different time and space: a typical residential building, 1985 year, Leningrad city, USSR, and a warship in 2123 year, geolocation not determined.


Time collision. This storyline contains cases of various artefacts, inexplicable phenomena that happened in history.

Purchase contents

After purchasing this art you will get:

  1. High-resolution digital file;
  2. Digital contract on the Ethereum network to confirm ownership, sale and resale.

Terms of purchase

NFT art you get instantly. You will receive a picture on canvas with free delivery to any country within 3 months, after agreeing on the dimensions. Instead of a painting, you can order a mural on the wall.

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