Bear Awakened, NFT Phygital NFT Art3, 1475/3333

Bear awakened Phygital NFT art by IGDRUS

NFT Art3, 1475/3333 Edition, Bear Awakened, Mission 18-9-2023 by IGDRUS. (c)2023. 3333 NFT arts of the entire production volume in this collection only. 

Collection Synopsis

The ship of the United Peacekeeping Forces travels through time and space to maintain order on Earth and its neighbours in the Galaxy. The ship can change its shape and other physical parameters. While traveling, the ship enters amazing settlements and meets unusual intelligent creatures.

The commander of the ship regularly sends photo and video reports to the base to his agent with the pseudonym IGDRUS. Further, the agent publishes these materials in the form of digital and real paintings for a wide audience.


“Stories”, “Tales”, “Creatures”

Purchase contents

After purchasing this art you will get:

  1. High-resolution digital file;
  2. Digital contract on the Ethereum network to confirm ownership, sale and resale;
  3. Phygital* item. A real handmade oil painting on canvas measuring up to 2 meters on the larger side. *The term phygital (physical + digital) denotes objects that combine physical and digital nature. For collectors, this format is often more understandable than crypto art, which cannot be touched.

Terms of purchase

NFT art you get instantly. You will receive a picture on canvas with free delivery to any country within 3 months, after agreeing on the dimensions. Instead of a painting, you can order a mural on the wall.

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Neuroartist Resume

also known as Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator, Prompt engineer, AI artist – a profession associated with the rapid generation of images on a given topic. I offer myself for this position and exchange my time for your money.

Who is a neuro-illustrator specialist suitable for: bloggers/vloggers, experts promoting their personal brand on social networks, for goods on marketplaces and online stores, for advertising agencies… all those who need a large volume of varied, attention-grabbing images (sometimes even without expectations of a super-high level of artistic value). At the same time, the rendering of images can always remain in photorealistic quality. Or in a certain stylization.

Details and prices are indicated on the page Resume Neuroartist, Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator.

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