Architectural Design, Ship House23, NFT1383

The house looks like a ship or yacht, architectural Design/ Дом выглядит как корабль или яхта. Архитектурная идея.


Attention! This is a conceptual idea, architectural design in the style of High-tech luxury for the residential or public building construction works. The house looks like a ship, a yacht.

Relevant for today,

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After purchasing this NFT Art you will get:
1. High-resolution digital file;
2. Architectural idea full copyright rights transfer;
3. Project’s implementation designer support.

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Neuroartist Resume

also known as Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator, Prompt engineer, AI artist – a profession associated with the rapid generation of images on a given topic. I offer myself for this position and exchange my time for your money.

Who is a neuro-illustrator specialist suitable for: bloggers/vloggers, experts promoting their personal brand on social networks, for goods on marketplaces and online stores, for advertising agencies… all those who need a large volume of varied, attention-grabbing images (sometimes even without expectations of a super-high level of artistic value). At the same time, the rendering of images can always remain in photorealistic quality. Or in a certain stylization.

Details and prices are indicated on the page Resume Neuroartist, Prompt designer, Neuroillustrator.

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