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Rose NFT Art from Donna Rosa & her family club

By purchasing this NFT art, you will be able to use it as an avatar, as well as be able to resell it now and in the future. I will try to increase the value of this NFT as part of the entire collection.

Donna Rosa & her family club collection is a long-term collective project of a group of artists and designers. Roadmap for the next 5 years: to prepare and release a series of characters from Donna’s family, where each relative has its own personality. All characters can participate in the global Metaverse, in the usual Internet format as user avatars, for our own projects in games, applications, merchandising. About the founders: https://d-d-d.spb.ru/obo-mne-kontakty/ , https://discord.gg/TvF46GVHjN

How many NFTs are in the collection?

Quantity pcs/cost in $/total pcs

  • 1000×1=1000;
  • 500×10=5000;
  • 500×50=25,000;
  • 100x10k=1,000,000;
  • 100×30=3,000;
  • 100×99=9,900;
  • 100×450=45,000;
  • 100×997=99.700;
  • 100х100k=10mln;
  • 100x200k=20mln;
  • 100x500k=50mln;
  • 100x950k=95mln;
  • 1x1mln;
  • 1x3mln;
  • 1x5mln;
  • 1x7mln;
  • 1×12 mln;
  • 1×24 mln;
  • 1×48 mln;
  • 1×64 mln;
  • 1×128 mln;
  • 1×256 mln.

There should be 3333 pieces in total.

Prices, How to buy:
from 1 to 10,000.00 US dollars. You can buy in stores:

Contacts, Choose a convenient way to contact me:


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