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Relocation, Second choice

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Recent events due to the well-known “pandemic” of Covid-19, which began in 2019-2020, have led to severe restrictions on the rights and freedoms of citizens of China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and a number of other countries. Since then, in addition to humanitarian ones, other types of crises have also been added: energy, food, climate. Unfortunately, more and more people are leaving their countries, either temporarily or permanently. I help with moving to the Russian Federation, as well as to the Republic of Belarus.


This service can be used by anyone who wants to change their place of permanent residence.

Reasons for their relocation (various life situations):
1. farmers – professional or amateur;
2. downshifting;
3. political dissidence (journalists, public figures, military men like Snowden, Assange);
4. preparation of an “alternate airfield” (second choice) for the future;
5. medical dissidence (the so-called “anti-vaxxers”);
6. ruined small and medium businesses, but still having their own and credit resources;
7. single men and women who want to create a traditional family, with Slavic women and men, have children;
8. lovers of Russian, Belarusian culture and traditional Slavic values;
9. energy crisis (lack of gasoline, electricity) in your country;
10. food crisis (hunger, lack of food) in your country;
11. climate crisis (natural disasters and their consequences) in your country;
12. just wanting a change of scenery (temporarily, permanently, indefinitely).


Cottage* on a plot of land owned or an apartment, support in obtaining a residence permit**, assistance in choosing a wife, husband, if necessary, our own business, we offer ready-made proven and calculated solutions (entrepreneurship, farming).


For the customer, “All turnkey” usually ranges from 100,000 dollars / euros. Perhaps with a smaller budget, by agreement. You can pay in installments, there is an installment plan.


The duration of the service is determined by the tasks and can be up to 1 to 36 months until it is fully completed. Urgent evacuation from 1 day.


Resettlement to one of the listed Russian-speaking countries of the post-Soviet space (the former USSR) has many undeniable advantages:
1. Taxes, up to 0% with a moratorium for 10 years (for example, in St. Petersburg, I will send a full list of activities on request).
2. There is no explicit feminist movement as in most Western countries, your wife (your husband) will be more accommodating in nature, and this is a great guarantee of a strong and happy family.
3. Real estate prices are on average 5-10 times lower.
4. Competition in many areas of small, medium and large businesses is on average 5-10 times lower.
5. The presence of large reserves of minerals, the presence of nuclear power plants guarantees heat and electricity at low prices all year round.
6. The political management system guarantees a more stable social environment IF YOU ARE NOT IN POLITICS.
7. Convenient geographical location for traveling around the world.
8. Food is healthier and more natural, GMO policy is more strict.
9. More restrained policy during epidemics and pandemics, no lockdowns (on the example of Belarus).
10. Forecasts of most astrologers and clairvoyants from different countries (Casey, Vanga, …) predict a new flourishing of these countries in the near future (after 2030).


Farmer John Kopiski moved to Russia from the UK

A touching video about Russian farmer John Kopiski was also released in English.

The story of a Briton who moved to Russia and found his happiness here excited foreigners to the core.

In Russia, the inhabitants of Europe, the US and South Africa now see a lost paradise, “the West they have lost.” Everything that once made the West great can now be found in our country:
1. Working capitalism, in which the diligent individualist can achieve a lot by his own work.
2. Good old European culture.
3. Nuclear family, which consists of a strong father, caring mother and obedient children.
4. Priests who refuse to perform g-marriages and who actively uphold traditional values.
5. Large free space for living.
6. Absence of migrants living on benefits from countries with an alien culture.
7. Real freedom of speech, which includes the freedom to joke about politically incorrect topics.

If you watched the video in Russian, you probably noticed that all these advantages of Russia are beautifully highlighted in it. John has a strong family and five children, he owns a large farm and goes to church regularly, all Russians in the frame look white and educated people.

It is not surprising that Westerners, after watching the video, begin to experience a poignant sense of nostalgia for the golden age of their own countries: Germany in the 1980s and the United States in the 1950s. Here are the first pages of comments under the English version of the video, I bring them here with minimal omissions and abbreviations:

I also like Russia. I was born and raised in the UK, but I would rather live in Russia, I love cold weather too.

Much respect for John. He is happy, he is proud, and goodness radiates from him.

Let the farmers from South Africa move to Russia, we would love to come to work and live among such wonderful people, we would make our contribution.

I am English and also thinking about moving to Russia!

Russia will become the last European Christian country!

I think more people from the West will join soon.

Amazing. I have a feeling that we have been lied to for decades about Russia. I look forward to an increase in emigration from the West to Russia in the future.

Oh, John, how I understand you. Just like you, I was born in the UK, since 2016 I live in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and I feel that this land has always been separate from me. I’m retired, married a wonderful Russian lady, became Russian Orthodox, now I’m learning jargon and my family is not happy that I’m here in Russia. Just like you, I am happy in this wonderful and unique country. By the way, where can we buy your cheese?

I’m from the West and I would move to Russia in no time.

Amazing. If only I could convince my wife, I would have already moved to Russia. Not sure about God, but I think there’s more to Russia than what the Western media says, and that goes for China too. Western people always talk about freedom, but when I visited China, my birthplace, I did not find it any less free than here. Yes, some things are controlled by the government, but in general, for the average guy, he seemed happier and had more freedoms, and I think Russia would be much the same. Long live the Russian nation and the Russian people! The world needs a strong Russia now more than ever.Fairy story! The Russian troika is the best way to get around. People do not appreciate the horse, which has been the main driving force of mankind for five thousand years, and, I hope, will become so again.

I am a 100% capitalist and patriot of America, but this guy makes Russia pretty good.

I can understand his decision, I have spoken to Germans whose parents came to Germany in the 1990s and now many are returning. There are a lot of reasons, laws for millions and for everything, because everything must be regulated, then an unsecured future and migrants. But the main reason is that they have freedom, and it was interesting to look at their life now in Russia.

If only the visa system were a little friendlier… A retiree probably can’t get a work visa. I’m not American, so I can’t even get a 3-year tourist visa.What to do? Like many Cymregs (Welshmen), I immediately felt at home here, although many things were unfamiliar to me, including the language. But I felt that I belonged to Russia, and I still feel it. I would give anything to live there like John.


Отец Joseph Gleason – Orthodox priest moved from the USA to Russia

Here are the first pages of comments:

I’m an American veteran and I’m thinking of moving to Russia to get my freedom. What a paradox.

As an Orthodox Christian, Russia has always held a special place in my heart, and I hope one day I can visit it with God’s help.

Blessing from a Greek Orthodox Christian. God bless Russia! 🙏🏻 🇬🇷 🇷🇺

I converted from Protestantism to Orthodoxy ☦️ and it was the most helpful thing I have ever done. I can honestly say that this is the best video I have ever seen.

My family had the blessed opportunity to visit Father Joseph and his wonderful family at their home in Russia. It was great to visit all the beautiful monasteries and churches! It will always be a blessed memory for all of us.

I have been fasting in Orthodoxy for almost a year now, and getting closer and closer to baptism… Russia is such a beautiful place. Much love from Argentina.

Russia is wonderful. We spent a month there for my husband’s treatment. Great, loving, loyal people. Never felt safer or more cared for. God bless you and your family Father… Oddly enough, we flew from our home state of Texas to Moscow to have my husband undergo chemotherapy for an autoimmune disease. Our doctor, a hematologist/oncologist at the Pirogov Hospital, also travels to the United States about once a year to the Cancer Hospital. M.D. Anderson in Texas for training. He is amazing!!

Great choice! This is one of the few people who searched for the truth and, despite all the difficulties, found the right path in their lives. It is unbelievable how this man discovered the treasure of the ancient Orthodox Church in the diversity of so many beliefs in his country. It was not an easy choice, or, so to speak, the “cross” that he took on his shoulders. Hats off and all the best!

I thought I was the only one….. I thought about the possibility of moving to Russia precisely because I see how far America has fallen from God. This video really touched my heart. God bless Father Gleason and his wonderful family.


Justus Walker moved from the USA to Russia

Justus Walker spent time in Russia as a child and it changed his life forever. Now he lives on his own land in the Siberian Altai. He has a brigade of local workers, as well as an American wife and children who work together. Justus believes that food is the future of Russia, which, according to him, can feed the whole world. He wants to change the perception of agriculture in Russia as big business. Here are the first pages of comments:

Listen carefully to the Lord… A massive famine is coming to America in the very near future. Why do you think Bill Gates, Ted Turner and other multi-billionaires are buying millions of acres of US farmland across the US? The future of $$$ is food production. So in this video, this American living and farming in Russia is absolutely right when he says that Russia will then feed the world. You do not understand? Russia is much, much more righteous and holy than the US. There are many, many more devout Christians in Russia than in the US. But satanic American leaders want to start WAR with Russia. They want to wipe out the true Christian faith from the face of the earth, as they have successfully done in the US. The left also hates Russia because it is a nation of the white race (Eastern Europeans). Communist-Bolshevik-Revolutionaries have migrated from Russia to the US and have now sated every segment, at every level of our nation, and these sons of Satan are determined to completely destroy the US just like they did in Russia where they extinguished the lives of 60 million innocent Russians. Christians, destroyed cathedrals and monasteries, killed priests, nuns and monks, looted and destroyed ancient religious relics. LIBERALISM IS ANTI-CHRIST COMMUNISM BROUGHT TO THE USA BY REVOLUTIONARY LIARS AND UNBELIEFS. Conditions in Russia have improved significantly under President Vladimir Putin. Today, Christianity in Russia is flourishing and the nation is doing very well. Ask why the US refuses to ally with Christian Russia. Why for God’s sake? I’ll tell you why… Because the US serves the Antichrist. America has collectively turned its back on God and succumbed to satanic liberalism and brainwashing. Now the evil US wants war with Russia. Why? Russia is no longer a communist country. Russia is a devout, ancient Christian nation. O Christian Russia. How I love you !!!

Russia has been running a big economy in the south for many years after the American sanctions. Russia also exported wheat and rice in large volumes along with dairy products from cattle. There is even an American who was shown on one channel, she is engaged in cattle breeding there, in Russia, but, perhaps, in the south, where it is warmer. At least on YouTube. But, as you mentioned, private individuals who own farms and engage in agriculture help many families and increase the productivity of the country. Blessings.

What a fantastic video, Justus inspires us. God bless you and your Justus family!

I like this guy. Innovative and intelligent. Of course, from good blood. The Russians would do well to watch him. He’s in first place. He deserves to have a research lab and government funding!


* The cottage is being built using this technology. This is mobile real estate. You can transport such a house to any other place: for example, back to your home country or any other country of your choice.

** A residence permit in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation is granted upon the purchase of any residential property or upon the acquisition of the status of a spouse. Sanitary norms for residential real estate are approximately 15 m2 per person.


For any questions, please choose a convenient way to contact me:

  • +7 911 911 8888 (Viber/Whatsup/Telegram)
  • +375 29 973 93 69 (Viber/Whatsup/Telegram)
  • e-mail: 89119118888@mail.ru
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